Ian + Anna in the DR 2014: next stop, Santiago

reunion in the dr 2013

At this very moment we are taking off from Boston, and by this evening, we will be settling in to the dorms we will call home for the next week, ready to serve alongside the Vargas family and G.O. Ministries staff. We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our supporters. This trip would not be possible without you. And while you are not physically with us in the DR, your presence is felt. You are making a difference. Thank you.

And we do have one more request of you. Please continue to pray for the trip. Pray for our team's health and safety, especially with chikungunya buzzing around the country. Pray for our impact in the DR through the medical clinic, construction work (most likely painting houses), field day with the kids, and overall relationship building. And pray for the Vargas family's ongoing ministry. Every day they do hard work in a place of great need. They exude such great joy, but it is not an easy road, and they can use all of the support and encouragement we can provide.

Thanks again for all your support, and stay tuned for updates when we get back!

P.S. Since we're radio silent for the week, if you want to know we made it safely (Moms, this is for you), G.O. posts team photos within 24 hours of our arrival.


thankful list | July 2014

The sun is finally out, and we're celebrating @MavisStaples's birthday with #NorahJones #newportfolk

01. our first Sox game this season (even though they lost).
02. a lovely birthday thanks to coworkers, friends, and Ian.
03. chocolate raspberry birthday cake from Russo's.
04. birthday dinner at Roxy's.
05. a fast bike ride to Cambridge side for the (early) fireworks.
06. a beautiful fireworks show.
07. a bike ride home in the rain (because it was more fun than we expected).
08. a delicious and colorful birthday dinner (gnudi!).
09. an evening stroll in the Public Garden.
10. Romeo and Juliet, the Public Garden resident nesting swans.
11. silly ducks.
12. a talented accordionist, who made us feel like we were back in Paris.
13. funny poetry by kids in the bookstore window.
14. a long weekend.
15. a tasty birthday cheesecake I didn't have to make (thanks, Ian!).
16. bocce league at the office (it's fun even if we don't have a winning record).
17. Despicable Me 2 at the Hatch Shell with friends.
18. fried dough.
19. Canstruction 2014 planning at the office.
20. an impromptu date at Tasty Burger.
21. lots and lots of turtle spotting along the Charles.
22. a fun and successful DR teambuilding meeting.
23. a friend's outdoor BBQ birthday party.
24. free ice cream from the Good Humor Joy Squad.
25. homemade mint chocolate ice cream.
26. Shakespeare on the Common.
27. a memorable performance of The Twelfth Night.
28. a big fun copyediting project.
29. a weekend at Newport Folk Festival.
30. seeing famous comedians (#sweetberrywine #cornelleverheardofit).
31. hearing The Oh Hellos live, and performing Come Thou Fount.
32. discovering new an amazing music (Shakey Graves! Roderigo y Gabriela!).
33. an Awful Awful and Del's Lemonade (thanks Danielle!).
34. gospel music on Sunday morning.
35. Humble Pies, of the chicken pot and peach varieties.
36. yoga at the office, and that after a year, I can tell a difference.


July 4, 2014

third of july fireworks
Technically, the title should be July 3, 2014. With Tropical Storm Arthur's impending arrival, the city moved the festivities a day earlier, hoping to avoid the storm. At 9 p.m., the skies were clear and so was the forecast for the next few hours, so, joined by a friend from community group, we hopped on our bikes and headed for Cambridge side.

Memorial Drive is always closed for the celebration; we enjoyed a leisurely ride weaving through the happy crowds of people. We staked out our spot and listened to the Beach Boys over the speakers as we counted down to fireworks.

boston's fourth of july 2014

At 10:07 p.m., a full 23 minutes before the scheduled start time, a pleasant voice announced the show would start immediately, and if the forecast was still clear by the time it was over, they would perform the 1812 Overture, normally the conclusion of the Pops concert and a teaser for the main event.

The show was beautiful, as always. My favorites (always) were the gigantic blooms that left trails of gold glitter suspended in the air like branches of a willow tree, and the explosions of green that hung in the sky for a moment before the sparks darted away like fireflies in all directions.

boston's fourth of july 2014

As the last of the finale sparks faded in the sky, the pleasant voice returned to the speakers. "Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating. State police have ordered an immediate evacuation of the area. Happy third of July!"

boston's fourth of july 2014

We inched our bikes through the packed crowds on Memorial Drive. As we approached the BU bridge, I heard shouts from the crowd ahead of us and felt a sudden short burst of water. Are fire trucks doing evacuation crowd control with hoses? I briefly wondered. The answer came swiftly, with a wall of rain driving sideways, followed by thunder and lightning.

We were all drenched in seconds. Unsure how long this onslaught would last or if it would get worse — Arthur was coming — we pressed on. By the time we got home, the rain had slowed down, I felt like I had jumped into a lake with my clothes on, and we couldn't stop laughing.

It may not have been our best view or biggest party, but this Independence Day in Boston will go down in our books as one of the best.

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boston's fourth of july 2014
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